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My name is Benigna and you can call me a German designer gone Japan. My studio is called BCOME, made up of my initials, which sound like the Japanese word for beauty 美 and the English word 'become' ... all in all it shows my love for wordplays and the fondness of combining East and West. 

Here I share things I create and enjoy.  I'm a neat freak, an organizing fanatic and someone who truly enjoys getting creative. Due to my background as an architect, it is probably natural that I love interior, graphic, designing and DIY - but I also craft, sew  and cook and offer catering service for private parties.

I live in a small Japanese apartment which serves also as my life-style studio, where all the action takes place, and which 'taught' me how to cope with minimal space in an organized way.

I upload some of my photos to Flickr so feel free to visit me there too.

Oh, and I started a BCOME facebook site, too!

I love hearing from you so please e-mail me and drop me a line to any item that takes your fancy!